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  ABOUT:  Behcet's Canada

We would like to welcome you to the Behcet’s Canada.


It is our goal to reach out to everyone, and provide as much information through our support group or website so that we may educate, understand and alleviate the isolation.


Behcet’s Disease has become a big part of our lives.  We have experienced the loneliness, confusion and the strange looks we get from others as we try to explain what is wrong.  There are so many questions that we can’t find answers too and even more reasons to keep looking.  We have included some information about Behcet’s Disease and how it may affect you and your families.  We hope that you will find it helpful in dealing with your illness and that the support group is beneficial to you. 


We are a rare and unique bunch of survivors and we need to keep going, as one day there might/will be a cure.  It is one step at a time for us and we are now on to the second step. That is, finding others like us.


We encourage you to keep in contact with us.


The co-founders of this new adventure are:

*Cindy, married and a mother of one

*Tracey,  mother of two


Cindy & Tracey

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